Prof Peter Jaksch


Prof Peter Jaksch

Solid Organ Transplantation
Medical University of Vienna


I am working since more than 20 years in one the largest lung TX centres worldwide with more than 100 transplants performed per year. We build an excellent network with a lot of other TX centres (Europe, US and Asia) conducting an number of single and multicentre studies in the field of LuTX.

My main interest are clinical research projects dealing with immunosuppressive protocols, induction therapy, CLAD and immunomonitoring.

Since 20 years we are using ECP in our department in cooperation with the Depatment of dermatology (Prof R. Knobler) and Department of Blood Group Serology and Transfusion Medicine (Prof N. Worel) : main indication was CLAD/BOS but in the last 10 years more and more new ECP indictaions evolved like CNI sparing protocoles, use as induction therapy and treatment of donor specific antibodies.

Regarding educational projects in our lung TX centre:
Since 7 years we perform so called “TX academies” for pulmologists, surgeons, ICU doctors and other interested specialist about all aspects of lung transplantation with excellent acceptance.

In the last years we initiated a number of scientific projects with different LuTX centres in Europe (Hannover, Oslo, Leuven, Budapest, etc.) with led to some very interesting scientific papers (LuTX in pats after BMT, influence of use of antifibrotic drugs on postTX outcome, etc). This is for sure something what could and should be enforced.

Furthermore, cooperations with different countries is mandatory to establish better and pan-European registries and databases to have the chance to learn and improve outcomes in comparing different strategies and concepts.
Finally, I want to mention our PR work together with lung transplanted patients – we climbed successfully Mt Kilimanjaro together with 10 LuTX recipients which accompanied by 24 medical doctors, psychologists, nurses and friends. This track entailed a large number of TV and radio interviews, presentations on medical meetings and scientific papers. Furthermore, this event encouraged patients to accept lung transplantation as a treatment option.

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